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 10th International Symposium - hazards of pesticides to bees, Bucharest, Romania, October 8-10, 2008

 Beekeeping Simple & Clear Symposium, September 11-14, 2008, Bucharest Romania

10th International Symposium - hazards of pesticides to bees


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             Bee Protection Group

Program Details

       10th International Symposium

          hazards of pesticides to bees

Bucharest, Romania

October 8-10, 2008

 Second Announcement


Organised by:

Apimondia Institute for Apicultural Research & Development


Ecotoxicology Dept of Plant Protection Research Institute



The Symposium will be held at the Institute for
Apicultural Research & Development of Apimondia,

 42 Strada Ficusului, Bucharest, Romania

Organising Committee

Pieter A. Oomen (PPS, NL), Chairman

Helen Thompson (CSL, UK), Secretary

Gavin Lewis (JSC International Ltd, UK), Vice-Chairman

Dietrich Brasse (Braunschweig, D), Vice-Chairman

John Stevenson, (Harpenden, UK)

Cristina Mateescu (Apimondia, RO)

Carmen Mincea (Institute of Plant Protection, RO)

Cristian Constantinescu, (FIITEA of Apimondia, RO) 

Main Symposium Sessions – Hazards of pesticides to bees

1. Test and risk assessment (including systemic effects, field testing, bee brood)

2. Regulatory issues (including revision of EPPO risk assessment and guidelines)

3. Test methodology (laboratory, cage, field, sub-lethal, etc)

4. Alternative control methods e.g. pheromones, GM crops

5. Honey bee poisoning incidents and monitoring schemes

6. Synergism – Varroa and varroacides – Bumblebees and other bee species



Beekeeping Simple & Clear Symposium


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Final Program        Download the pdf file


Words from Apimondia President  


The European Union is the largest honey market in the world. As honey-producers the beekeepers of the European  Union  has  comply  with the  legislation  of the  union.  This  complex  and  the  same  regulations are implemented in many different ways in the 27 member countries.

To  be  allowed  to  export  honey  into  the  European  Union  the  exporting country  need  to  implement  legislation  and  control  methods  that  are equivalent to the European Union standards. The same legislation that is enforced  in  the  European  Union  applies  to  beekeepers  and  companies outside the Union who wish to export their products to the great market.

The  Romanian  Beekeepers  Association  and  APIMONDIA/FIITEA  will organises  this  symposium  to  bring  together  beekeepers, Associations, Companies as well as representatives from the Authorities of new member countries of the European Union as well as non member countries to inform about the regulations and to discuss these and their implementation.

The Beekeepers Associations play a major role in the legislative process in Europe. From the national level to the European level through the influence they can have on the regulations and their implementation. Representatives from the COPA/COGECAs working group of honey in Brussels as well as representatives of national beekeepers associations in Europe and neighbouring  countries  will  discuss  these  issues  during  the  symposium.

“How can we as beekeepers be heard in Brussels?”

Good Management Practice and Best Beekeeping Practice are important. Specialists will discuss what these terms mean and describe the implementation in their homelands. Residues  of  antibiotics  and  pesticides  are  undesirable  and  cause  great problems  when  they  occur  in  honey.  How  to  avoid  these  is  an  important aspect to discuss. In  connection  with  the  symposium,  there  will  be  organised  a  “honey-fair” and exhibition of beekeeping equipment at the venue. This will be a great event, interesting for the beekeeper, for the public to se the many nice  products,  and  for  the  Authorities  to  learn  about  the  beekeeping sector. Looking  forward  to  meeting  beekeepers,  their  representatives  as  well  as scientist and representatives of the Authorities to the symposium in Bucharest 11 – 14. September 2008.

Asger Søgaard Jørgensen

Apimondia President


Brief Introduction by President of Scientific Committee

The  legislation  related  to  the  beekeeping  practice  brings  about  new challenges to which the beekeeper, either a hobbist or a professional and the  processor  –  the  main  link  in  the  food  safety  chain  -  are confronted  with  a  series  of  enough  difficult  problems,  especially  for  the  new  EU countries  and  also  for  the  countries  that  contribute  with  their  honey production  to  assuring  the  consumption  of  bee  products  and  the  export needs  on  the  European  market  or  other  markets  with  the  same  level of demands. The symposium in Bucharest will be the starting point in a series of such events  meant  to  meet  the  needs  of  the  beekeepers  for  the  correct understanding  and  application  of  the  beekeeping  legislation,  thus contributing to facilitate the task of the beekeeper : to produce and sell the honey much easier.

Important  personalities  of  the  beekeeping  world  will  join  us  all  and generously share with us their experience. The symposium will be in fact a living dialogue meant to clarify the problems of the producers and honey and other bee products processors.

To  come  even  closer  to  their  needs,  during  the  symposium,  a specialized exhibition - APIEXPO BBP (Best Beekeeping Practice) will be organized. Bee  products,  nutritional  supplements  and  medicines  based  on  bee products,  medicines  for  honeybees,  tools  and  beekeeping  equipments,  all meant  to  facilitate  the  work  of  the  beekeepers  and  processors  will  be exhibited in the stands.

APIEXPO BBP welcomes all of you, those who thing that can contribute by  their  own  example  to  the  clarification  of  the  beekeeping  problems related to the new legislation. 

So, BEEKEEPING: Simply and clear!

Dr. Biochim. Cristina Mateescu

President of Scientific Committee


Scientific Committee 


Biochem. Cristina Mateescu Ph.D.  (Romania)

Head of Apitherapy R & D Dpt, Institute for Beekeeping Research and

Development Bucharest, Romania


Mr. Etienne Bruneau  (Belgium)

Chairman of COPA/COGECA’s Working Group of Honey

Mr. Kari Valonen (Finland)

Chairman of the European Commission, Advisory Board on Beekeep-

ing Member of the COPA/COGECA’s Working Group of Honey

Mr. Gilles Ratia  (France) 

President of Apimondia Standing Commission for Beekeeping 

Technology and Equipment

Dr. Wolfgang Ritter  (Germany) 

President of Apimondia Standing Commission for Bee Health

Dr. Cord Lüllmann Ph.D. (Germany)

Quality Services International GmbH.

Prof. Andreas Thrasyvoulou Ph.D. (Greece) 

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Apiculture Dpt.

Eng. Valentina Cebotari Ph.D. -  (Republic of Moldova)

Institute of Zoology of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Stefan Bogdanov Ph.D.  (Switzerland)

Member of the International Honey Commission

Prof. Gheorghe Mencinicopschi Ph.D . (Romania)

General Manager of the Food Chemistry Institute, Bucharest Romania,

Member of the National Sanitary – Veterinary and Food Safety Agency

Eng. Adrian Siceanu            Ph.D.– (Romania)

Bee Genetics Dpt. Institute for Beekeeping Research and Development

Ing. Eugen Zorici (Romania)

President of the Romanian Beekeepers' Association Romania












September 11-14, 2008




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