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Research project:   CEEX - 28 / 2005

Acronym:   APIVET


Project title:

obtaining the api-phytotherapeutic products with application in the PROPHILAXY

AND therapy of some diseases in AnimalS





Project manager:   Șapcaliu Agripina


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The research project has a multidisciplinary approach including the following fields of activity: veterinary parasitology, propedeutics, veterinary surgery, internal diseases of animals, veterinary dermatology, veterinary pharmacology, apitherapy and phytotherapy.

The project aims to solve some problems of great complexity in veterinary medicine and of course of great utility in livestock breeding.  Therefore, the main goal of the project is to obtain some api-phytotherapeutical products for use in the treatment of some animal species of economic interest (birds and mammals) and pet animals (dogs and cats).

The proposed solutions to be used in veterinary medicine will fulfill the necessities of performance and quality and will be free of residues in order to increase the human health level following the consumption of animal products.

The researches have a great scientific complexity by the involved diagnosis methods and work techniques and will contribute in a great measure to the obtaining of quality, efficient and cheaper products.

The project goal fulfills the requirement and tendencies of the national and European researches, giving the possibility to be correlated with other similar research projects in order to obtain biologic and ecologic products (organic). 

The scientific impact is based on the obtaining of tested and correct checked out products, which to solve medical problems in veterinary parasitology, surgery, internal diseases and dermatology.

The economic effects are based on the impulsion, in the last years, of the new field regarding the obtaining of the biological products that are requested in a great measure on the European Community market.

The impact on the involved economic agents relies on using and marketing the new products, including the raw materials from beekeeping obtained in our country, and it relies also on the exports of the products of animal origins for breeding the livestock in organic conditions.

The positive social impact will be on agriculture, animal breeding and beekeeping respectively with positive effects for increasing the number of jobs in specific fields of activities in different geographic areas.

The results of these researches will have a good impact also on the environment by reducing the risk of pollution and obtaining free residues products.

The beneficiaries of these products will be the veterinarians as well as the animal breeders, as for example are the avian farmers and others who could produce organic eggs, milk and meat with lower costs.

The results of these researches will be published in national and international context, conferences and symposiums and will be ended by being patented.

The involved partners have important material, technologic and human resources to cover all the approached fields of research specific for this project.



Obtaining the api-phytotherapeutic products based on apicultural materials.



First results


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The main objective is consisting in designing the laboratory experiments, respectively the preclinical and clinical studies, in order to obtain the best formulas for the api-phytotherapeutical products with application in veterinary medicine.

Therefore, the project opens a new direction of research destined to introduce some api-phytotherapeutical products in the prophylaxis and therapy of some animal diseases. This will answer to the necessities in the veterinary pharmaceutics for organic farming.

The currently used products in the treatment and prevention of different diseases in animals, including farm animals, are synthetic products and their disadvantages are connected with those of chemotherapy (products which are not naturally produced in organisms) so they could have negative side effects on the live animals (on kidney, hematologie, kerato-conjunctive, digestive), the organism trying to isolate or eliminate them and finally they reach in the final products that are obtained as meat, egg, milk, having even a toxic effect on the individuals.

The api-phytotherapeutical products are 100% naturals, rich in bioactive elements with complex biochemical activities, fulfilling the requirements in the new therapeutic directions: phytotherapy, oligotherapy and homeotherapy.

The following products were developed and studied by preclinical and clinic tests:

COCCIDO-VET –api-phytotherapeutic product of veterinary use in internal parasitoses;

PROACTIVATOR- api-phytotherapeutic of veterinary use in dermatology and surgery;

VITASOL – api-phytotherapeutic product of veterinary use with anti-diarrhea properties;

The previous studies showed the necessity to implement the new products in veterinary therapy. Taking into account the frequency of parasitary diseases in avian farmers, the requirements for efficient and nontoxic products on market but also the new directions in actual therapy in our country and worldwide we tested in a first stage to establish the technical data to obtain and produce the following product named COCCIDO-VET.

The preclinical and clinic tests showed a well tolerance of the product by the organism and the lack of toxicity. This product is easy to be administered (oral way), it is not accumulated in meat and it do not induce side effects.

The Coccidiosys is an intestinal disease of the midgut following the infestation with the parasites pathogens -species of genus Eimeria, which invade almost all the intestinal epithelium in farm birds and mammals conducting to a mal-absorption of nutrients, determining metabolic dysfunctions, decreasing in weight of the infested animals till to the death of organism. The coccidiosys can occur in birds, mammals and human too.

The current treatments against this parasite consist in antibiotics therapy (synthesis antibiotics), ionophores components and other synthesis components which are not antibiotics.

COCCIDO-VET formula is based on: propolis extract, walnut buds extract, wine-grape seeds extract, its composition being rich in polar and non-polar bioactive components as poliphenocarboxilic acids, phyitosterols, tanines, carotenoids, volatile oils, A, E, B, PP vitamins, flavonoides, resins, balms, vegetal oils, oligo-elements (Al, Ag, Co, Fe, Mn, Cu), lectines, quercetols, terpenes. By its complex composition this product has the properties of the premixes (vitamin- minerals). It has no toxicity on the animals and no negative effects. It is well tolerated and absorbed, and easy to use (directly as liquid and in premix products). The formula of the product can be based also on api-phyto-therapeutics extracts obtained from ecologic plants and apiaries.

The advantages of the COCCIDO-VET product:

·        100% naturally natural, rich in biologic active components (propolis extract, walnut buds extract, wine-grape seeds extract);

·        No secondary and toxic effects as are the synthesis products;

·        It can be used on flexible periods of time;

·        It is easy to be administered;

·        It has a good absorption and a good digestive tolerance;

·        It is a nutritive supplement for the metabolic natural equilibrium (anabolising);

·        It is an efficient adjuvant for the nutrition being rich in vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids, poliphenocarboxilic acids, phyitosterols, tanins, carotenoids, volatile oils, A, E, B, PP vitamins, flavonoides, resins, balms, vegetal oils, oligo-elements (Al, Ag, Co, Fe, Mn, Cu), lectines, quercetols, terpenes, pollen;

·        By the 3 extracts the products have carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals for the normal homeostasis, having also properties as: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bacterio-static, fungi-static, anti-parasites, immune-modulator, antioxidant, regenerative).

The COCCIDO-VET represents an ideal product for the treatment of specific diseases in organic farming and for the obtaining of quality products in conformity with the European Union norms and requirements. 

By our studies, the COCCIDO-VET was very well appreciated by animal breeders as beside the treated disease it has also an anti diarrhea effect in animals like birds, rabbits, lambs, pigs. It has anti-inflammatory effects for the gastrointestinal tract as well as for reproductive and urinary organs; it is antitoxic, antiseptic, bacillo-static, fungi-static and antiviral.

It stimulates the gain in weight, being an natural anabolising product, without side effects, regulating the immunity and thus reducing the number of illness animals so thus it reduce the mortality and morbidity in juvenile stages.

The clinic and preclinical studies proved that, beside a good tolerance and antitoxic effect it has a regenerative effect at the level of digestive epithelium, raising the resistance to the stress as a consequence of its antioxidant composition and metabolic regulator.

Therefore, as natural and efficient product it is well justified to utilize the beekeeping products (propolis) and the sub-products  from wine manufacture (grape seeds, with low costs to be used in obtaining such veterinary products with beneficial effects on the animal health and their production, so thus COCCIDO-VET product was patented for commercial production.



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